How to Get Pregnant Fast – 5 Things You Must Know to Help You Get Pregnant

Getting pregnant isn’t always easy, but there are some basic things that you can do to make the process happen quickly and easily. These tips will help you find out the basics of getting pregnant, and how to get pregnant fast.
1. Stay healthy. Some things, such as stress, lack of exercise, and obesity, can hinder your chances for getting pregnant. Try exercising and taking a daily multivitamin to increase your chances of getting pregnant quickly.
2. If you want to know how to get pregnant quickly, then you must know when you ovulate each month and you can use your ovulation calendar to help you with this. Your egg only lasts in your body for approximately forty-eight hours, so it is vital to know when intercourse should occur for the best chances in getting pregnant.
3. Watch your temperature. If you have an irregular cycle, then you may need to depend on other methods to learn how to get pregnant fast. Take your temperature using a basal body thermometer, and watch for a temperature spike. The higher temperatures often indicate ovulation, and are indications of the ability to get pregnant within one to two days of the spike.
4. Don’t stress over getting pregnant. If you want to know how to get pregnant fast, one of the best things you can do is to relax. Too much stress can cause lower sperm counts and actually cause the body to become less likely to get pregnant.
5. Have regular sex. Even though it sounds obvious, there are only about fourteen days where your egg is ripe for fertilization. This time happens right after your menstrual cycle, so take advantage and use this time to try and get pregnant even if you haven’t charted ovulation.

Try out the Ovulation Predictor tool to find out the most probable time frame for you to get pregnant and if you are pregnant it will tell you when your expecting date is as well.

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Fit Pregnancy for an Easier Birth

So honestly I do not want to watch tlc for birth stories. Why? I am sincerely wanting and hoping for a happy ending. My baby delivered safely and in a natural way. It is just me or does it seem like everytime I see a woman giving birth on TV or movies, it is always this super dramatic event with the woman helpless and at the mercy of the doctors. I guess though a calm natural birth does not sell as many movie tickets.
Research has shown that if you want an easier birth, you must have a fit pregnancy. This is super important. One of the best resources about having a healthy pregnancy can be found by clicking here .
For me keeping fit during pregnancy has been of utmost importance to me. I am doing this by watching what I eat. I eat mostly raw food.  Honestly one of the best ways to do this is to simply make  a green smoothie every morning. This gives a kickstart to your day and you feel great the whole day. For myself, my green smoothie usually contains the following

  1. Kale
  2. Spinach
  3. Almonds
  4. Cashews
  5. Acai Juice
  6. Beet Root
  7. Chia Seed
  8. Hemp Seed
  9. Apples and Oranges

I know this is a lot so you can start with your regular smoothie and slowly add in the ingredients that you like.
Another thing that  I do to keep fit in pregnancy is to exercise. I know most fitness experts usually recommend that all pregnant women walk at least 30 minutes a day. I live in Florida so its gets pretty hot here, lol, excuses, excuses. Still, a pregnant girl has to keep fit, right?
I have been doing prenatal yoga 3 times and I really love it.  Not only is good for the body, it has been extremely relaxing for me. I actually look forward to it and believe me when I say I am no exercise hard core, I just love to do the bare minimum and move on.
Anyway, I hope you take the time to exercise both for yourself and your baby. Remember too that if you have a fit pregnancy, you are more likely to have a safer and easier birth. You will also be able to bounce back faster to your before pregnancy weight.

Yeast Infection During Pregnancy: Effective Home Remedy

Oh the joys of pregnancy. Yeast loves pregnant women. Why? Why? Why? I am now eight weeks pregnant and I have to say that perhaps my yeast infection has been the most irritating thing about this pregnancy.  It all started on a beautiful day here in Florida. My husband and I decided to go to Disney world and spend the day. Big mistake!  I wore jeans and a t-shirt as I wanted to be super comfy. Little did I know that yeast love warmth and moist surfaces so that they can multiply. As the day progressed , so did my itch down there, and the whole time I am thinking” what the heck is going on.
And that is the story of how I got my yeast infection. Anyway, after hours of research, I found out quite a few things about yeast infection during pregnancies. For example, most yeast medications are not safe during pregnancy. But honestly speaking very few medications are safe during pregnancy. I believe in natural medicine anywhere so I decided to combat this yeast infection the natural way. I spoke to my midwife and here a  few suggestion that she told me that worked wonders for me.

  • Do not wear any underwear- I was like, what?  The truth is I am no Paris Hilton and I do like do wear underwear while in public as I feel more comfortable. But oh well, not at the risk of hosting those little yeast f*ckers. I hate them so much as they itch like crazy. So the past few days I have been going commando. The first day I did I was so embarrassed and felt like everyone knew that I had no underwear. Now, I actually  feel a little naughty.  I am wearing long summer dresses and no underwear. It is all about plenty of ventilation in my vajay jay.
  • Use apple cider vinegar- I was totally terrified when my midwife suggested this. I know apple cider vinegar can burn like hell. The trick- one part vinegar, 2 parts water. Every time I go use the bathroom- now that I am pregnant I have to like pee like 20 times a day- , anyway I will wipe my vagina with the apple cider vinegar and water solution. It really helps balance the PH levels and it really works. Try it.
  • Garlic- Oh dear! Did you say garlic? Yes, garlic is one of the most potent yeast killers known to mankind. Bakers know that putting garlic at the wrong time during baking will cause it their dough not to rise.  Anyway, this is below is the step by step on how to treat a yeast infection using garlic:
  1. I went to the local health store and got some organic fresh garlic.
  2. Once I got home, I peeled the garlic and got the garlic clove
  3. I peeled the garlic clove and then I used a thread and needle to pierce the clove at one end and left the thread hanging for easy removal after I inserted it. ( In essence I was making my own garlic tampon). LOL!
  4. I then inserted the garlic clove in my vagina overnight. First of all, I was amazed that as soon as I inserted it to my vagina, I could taste the garlic in my mouth.  It is amazing and connected are our bodies are.  I am not even going to lie about it, it burned like crazy for the first five minutes and I  thought about removing it. But then the burning stopped and I was like yes!
  5. Next morning I woke up, the itching was gone and I was back to being a happy, glowing pregnant girl.

Other remedies I heard was also the tea tree oil, I really did not use it because some studies though not conclusive have shown that it is not safe to use during pregnancy. If all fails, I would also recommend you recommend monistat after speaking with your doctor

Ovulation Calendar: What is It?

Have you ever heard of a program that can help you track down when you are ovulating or not among other things? Well, if not, then now is the time that you learn more about the ovulation calendar. This is a program or software that can help women to either conceive or avoid conceiving. This can also help you in knowing the specific gender of your baby.
It is important to note that ovulation calendar was designed by a woman who worked with women doctors who understand the female body. The calendar helps you calculate your time of ovulation and it then generates your personalized fertility calendar. Now, how does this work? Well, all you have to do is to enter your menstrual cycle and the exact date of your last menstrual period. With that information, the ovulation calendar will then calculate your fertile days. A color coded calendar will then appear, and it will show both your fertile and non-fertile days.
Now, the said ovulation calendar is also good in helping you to get pregnant. As you know by now, women are most fertile when they are ovulating. Having this knowledge will give you an edge on knowing the best time to conceive. The said calendar will then calculate the chance of conception that is purely based on your ovulation time and factors in the likes of sperm and eggs lifespan.
This can also help you to possibly choose your baby’s gender. Yes, you can actually increase your chances of conceiving a boy or girl by picking the right time to have a sexual intercourse with your partner. We all know that X-chromosome sperms lives longer and are slow swimmers than male Y chromosome sperms. So, if you do have a contact 3 days before your ovulation, then you have bigger chances of having a baby girl and vise versa. It is also helpful in calculating the right time for conception.
Now, if you are on the other hand afraid of conceiving, then this calendar can also help you. Now, we all know that the best way to avoid getting pregnant is by avoiding unprotected sex during your fertile days. And again, that most fertile day is during one’s ovulation. With the said calendar, it will help you to avoid the dates where you are fertile the most and will save you from having an unwanted pregnancy.
Last but not the least; the ovulation calendar is something that any women can easily use. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to be set this one up. It will basically do all of the work for you, all you have to do is to enter the right details about your menstrual cycle and you are good to go. Now, that you know what an ovulation calendar is maybe it is about time that you own one.

Tracking Your Ovulation Cycle Calendar To Get Pregnant Quickly

When you and your spouse are trying to get pregnant, understanding your normal ovulation cycle is very important.  There are many processes occurring in your body every month that you have to understand so you can know how to get pregnant fast.  As you understand how your menstrual cycle works, you will begin to understand that getting pregnant is about more than just having sex regularly.
Women are born with millions of eggs.  You can get pregnant any time from puberty up through menopause, which happens at different times for different women.  One egg leaves your ovary every month.  It is at this time of the month that you are most fertile and able to conceive.  Your egg can only be fertilized for 12 to 24 hours, so the time to get pregnant is very short.
The key for you is to try to identify when your egg leaves your ovary.  Calculate your normal menstrual cycle time period by tracking it over a period of six months.  The cycle begins when you bleed each month, and it ends when you bleed the next month.  It may be 28 days, but it is normal for it to last 21 to 35 days.  Don’t be alarmed by your normal menstrual cycle period because it is different for every woman.
Once you have tracked this for six months, figure out the average number of days you go between your period. It is best to use an ovulation calendar to do this. Take that number and divide it by 2.  This number will give you a rough estimate of when you are normally most fertile during the month.  During this time of the month, have sex at least once every 48 hours.  This will give you the best chance to get pregnant fast.
Another way to see when you are pregnant is to track your basal temperature every month.  Your body temperature rises approximately .25 degrees Fahrenheit every day before you release your egg, and it rises .50 degrees Fahrenheit every day after your egg is released.  Count back three days before your body temperature rises more rapidly, and this is your most fertile time of the month.  Make sure to take your body temperature at the same time every day, as your temperature fluctuates greatly depending on your activity during the day.
These are some ways to track your ovulation cycle to figure out how to get pregnant quickly.  By following the advice of medical experts, this gives you the best chance to get pregnant fast!

Five Tips To Get Pregnant Fast

When you are trying to have a child, tracking your ovulation calendar is a great idea.  There is no exact science to figure out exactly when is the best time to conceive, but there are times during the month when it is better to try to conceive children.  Many couples try to have children every year, but not all of them have a lot of success in getting pregnant.  While some couples are able to conceive right away, other couples have to work for years to conceive a child.
Here are a five tips to help you conceive your first child:
1. Figure out how many days you have between periods.  Doctors say that the normal menstrual cycle is 28 days.  This is an average time period, but it is different for every woman.  What you want to do is to try to figure out how many days on average there are for you.  This will help you determine what days are going to be the best days for you to conceive.
2. Change the time of day you make love.  Some scientists believe that it is easier to conceive a child in the morning or early afternoon.  You should try to have sex earlier in the day.  This is because sperm travels faster during the early parts of the day.
3. You and your spouse should be tested.  Sometimes it can take a few months for the right conditions to be in place to have children.  If it takes you more than a few months, you need to consider seeing a specialist to make sure everything is working properly.  Everything may feel fine, but only a doctor can tell if something is just not quite right.
4. Have enjoyable sex three times a week.  Every couple is different, but you should have sex at least three times a week when you are trying to have children.  Make sure it is enjoyable for both parties.  Some experts think this may make a difference too. Despite what all of the experts say, you may need to make love all of the time to make sure you can get pregnant.
5. Do not abuse drugs.  Numerous studies suggest that abusing drugs can make a big difference in trying to get pregnant.  Stay away from drugs and alcohol as much as possible when you are trying to get pregnant.
These are some tips to time your ovulation calendar to get pregnant fast.  If you follow all of these steps, you will have the best chance to get pregnant the fastest!

Four Ways To Avoid Getting Pregnant Anytime Soon

When things get hot and heavy in a relationship and marriage, many couples are concerned about getting pregnant. If you are having sex regularly, this is a valid concern!  I can understand exactly how you feel.  Many young women don’t pay attention to their normal ovulation calendar, so it can be very easy to get pregnant fast!
Here are four ways to avoid getting pregnant anytime soon.
•  Use an ovulation calendar to avoid pregnancy.  This seems easy enough, but some couples never have protected sex.  This is an easy way to get pregnant quickly. We recommend having protected sex at all times of the month.  This is because every woman is different.  Women are not always the most fertile in the middle of the month.  This is just a general rule of thumb when it comes to conception.  For the safest results, always use protection when making love.
• Don’t miss your regular dosage of birth control pills.  It is always good to read a book on birth control so you can really know how to avoid getting pregnant and really know your body. Missing even a couple nights of birth control pills can make the difference between getting pregnant or not.  It takes a while for birth control pills to be most effective, and missing even a few days of pills can make it much easier for you to get pregnant during sexual activity.
• Have sex on top.  You are much less likely to get pregnant if the woman is on top.  The sperm can’t travel to fertilize the egg very easily when the woman is on top of the man.  Remember even being on top you can still get pregnant.
• Avoid having any sexual contact with your partner.  This is one of the hardest things to do with someone you love, but it is also the best way to avoid having children. Abstinence is the only 100% surefire way to not get pregnant.  Once you cross the bridge into a sexual relationship, it is almost impossible to go back, so it is better to avoid sex all together in a new relationship.  As long as your genitals don’t meet, your chances of getting pregnant are nonexistent.
These are four ways to avoid getting pregnant anytime soon.  Your ovulation calendar is not always reliable when it comes to conception, but learning your ovulation cycle is still important.  I know these tips have worked for me in not getting pregnant, and they should work for you too.

Yep! I Am Pregnant And I Am So Happy.

So I have been married for a little over 2 1/ 2 years and my husband and I were ready to have a baby and we decided to start trying for a baby. We had been fortunate enough to travel around the world and we were emotionally ready to have a baby.
The truth is that I was a little scared as I had heard that is was difficult to conceive in your thirties. Guess what?  I got pregnant the first month and I was so excited!
So here is how the whole thing went down. So it is like 2 days before my expected period and I usually have  menstrual cramps, backache and headache. So this time I have no symptoms and I am like what? Could it be?  Maybe?
So at this point I know that I can not wait until I miss my period I sincerely cannot think of anything else.  I know I have seen some pregnancy kits on TV that say they can predict pregnancy up to 5 days before your missed pregnancy. So I go to the store and find some pregnancy kit and I decide to get the digital one. Well as far as getting a pregnancy test kit I did not want to kinda guess around. I want to know, am I pregnant or not. End of story.

So I decided to get the Clearblue easy digital pregnancy test.  The first thing I did when I went home was use the test. Well, well, well the test was positive and I was so excited. I would highly recommend this test, it is really easy to use and the results are easy to read. I love, love the digital pregnancy tester. It seemed surreal. Wow, we had done it and on the first time we tried. My husband was beyond himself with happiness.
Anyway, I hope you keep reading as I start this wonderful journey. Right now everything seems so surreal, I just can’t believe it. I am going to be a mother?  Wow!  Is it going to be a little girl or a little boy? I just can’t wait for it for everything to unfold.
For those of you trying just remember to stay positive and keep trying.  It is so important to know that it will happen to you too. Do not overthink it!

How To Best Use Ovulation Calendar As A Natural Contraceptive Method

It is a well know fact that your chances of getting pregnant is about 20% on any given month. Many women use the ovulation method alone or with other types of birth control to prevent pregnancy. It makes sense to do that because we all know getting pregnant can totally change your life and it is best done when one is ready. Using the ovulation calendar method is easy as long as you know how to use it. There are many advantages of using the ovulation calendar as a contraceptive method. First and foremost it is does not have any side effects. If you are like me, you probably get scared with all the side effects of other contraceptives such as heart attack, cancer, stroke and death. It makes you wonder how harmful these contraceptives are to you body and well being.

Here are some few things that you should know if you would like to use the ovulation calendar as a natural contraceptive method.

1. It is best to record your cycle for a few months – If you are going to use an ovulation calendar, you have to know how long your circle is, which in turn will help you find the probable day of your ovulation. Remember calculation of your monthly menstrual cycle is of utmost importance. The correct way to do it is you should count the first day of bleeding as Day

one. Keep a record of how long your menstrual cycle is as this will help you better predict your ovulation day.  That is most important, while trying to protect yourself from an unwanted pregnancy. To easily track your ovulation, it is best to use an ovulation calendar that will help with the tracking and remind you of the most important days to keep off sex.

2. Make a note of your ovulation days – Ovulation is usually assumed based on the following factors:

  • The egg can live inside a woman anywhere from 12 to 24 hours.
  • A sperm can live from 3 to 7 days in a woman body after having sex.
  • It is impossible to predict the exact the time of ovulation.
  • Given this three factors in mind, it is best to count 3 days before and 3 days after your ovulation date as those are your fertile days. Therefore these days will be your unsafe days. It is best not to have sex during this days to avoid getting pregnant.

3. Be on the lookout for signs that you are ovulating – Most women experience very specific signs when they are ovulating. The truth is that signs you are ovulating are not that hard to notice once you know what you are looking for. Once you have the signs that you are about to ovulate, it is best to avoid sex on these days so as to avoid getting pregnant. Below are a few common signs of ovulation.

  • As ovulation approaches your cervical mucus changes in amount and consistency. You will notice more cervical mucus which will be sticky and have stretch like quality to it. It will also become more clearer, watery and mucus like or raw egg like in look and texture.
  • You will notice increased sexual desire which is nature’s own way of making you want to have sex so as to reproduce. This also means that you are most fertile. Increased sexual desire is usually a few days before you ovulate. Naturally, if you do not want to be pregnant make sure you do not have sex during this period no matter how much you may want to.
  • You may also experience breast tenderness when you are ovulating. This is because your body is releasing hormones so as to prepare for a baby in case you get pregnant.
  • You will also experience your cervical position changing. Personally, it is hard for me to figure this one out. When you are ovulating, your cervix moves higher, is softer and more open. This again is nature’s way of getting ready for a potential pregnancy.
  • Last but not least, you can also track your body basal temperature changes. Your body temperature will rise and stay there when you are ovulating. This rise in temperature is caused by progesterone hormone which increases immediately after ovulation.

Like with anything else, using the ovulation calendar does not guarantee 100% success rate and there is still a chance you might still get pregnant. It is recommended that you check with your doctor about family planning methods as they can give you a useful insight. Remember to always protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases.